Welcome to the Frappeverse

Frappe focuses on providing free and open-source software while fostering a strong community around its flagship products, ERPNext and Frappe Framework. Over the years, Frappe, along with its community, has developed a diverse range of open-source Frappe products using the Frappe Framework.


Over the course of 15 years, the Frappe ecosystem has thrived, expanding to include a vibrant community of over 19,000 open-source contributors, partners, developers, and businesses. This diverse group of community members has collaborated extensively to deliver the finest software experience possible.


The Frappe Conferences serves as a platform to bring the community together facilitating valuable interactions among like-minded individuals.

In previous conferences, we covered a wide range of topics, including new products and updates, collaboration and contribution, ecosystem development, roadmap and governance, as well as customer stories and partner experiences.

This year, we bring you the first ever Frappe Developer Conference which will be held on March 8th and 9th in Pune, India.

Why you must attend?

Frappe Build 2024 offers users an opportunity to connect with the creators of the software and gain insights into the latest developments within the ecosystem. For open-source enthusiats, it serves as a platform to share experiences and contribute in shaping the roadmap.

During the conference, you can immerse yourself in informative talks and presentations or actively participate in interactive workshops and engage in networking opportunities during breaks.

The two-day conference is structured with a specific theme for each day:
Day 1 - Talks and discussions
Day 2 - Workshops

All our talks will be thoughtfully curated to deliver the most informative, interactive, and groundbreaking conference experience you've ever attended.

Register here and join us for a season of learning and networking!