Making Learning Frappe and ERPNext Fun!

ERPNext community may not be able to outspend the established ERP players. But we sure can out-teach them. If we can build the go-to resources for learning ERP, ERPNext will surely become the go-to ERP.

While the user manual provides the product description, we need a better medium to distribute the knowledge. Something that would help end-users, and project champions to learn and log their progress and is interactive and fun at the same time. Consultants and developers need better resources so that they can help clients manage their complex businesses on ERPNext and also authenticate their credentials.

Well, Frappe School is here!

Frappe School makes learning ERPNext and Frappe Framework easy, fun, and effective! I will talk about the vision, timeline and the progress about it in this talk.
Basawaraj Savalagi
Training Specialist
Frappe Technologies