Generating Inbound Opportunities from London to Mumbai - Our ERPNext Journey

How can you create effective marketing for hundreds of niche, high value products?

At Kersten we had a vision of how Sales and Marketing could be done differently, by integrating the sales and marketing teams and using a system to improve the processes from start to finish. Our Journey with ERP Next has seen this vision materialise.

We are using ERPNext to create content marketing with blogs and detailed product pages which generates high quality, consistent inbound opportunities.

In the talk I will lay out;

  1. What our vision of Sales and Marketing was.
  2. Understanding what ERPNext offers and laying this over our vision.
  3. Using as much of the standard ERPNext offering as possible.
  4. Developing bespoke solutions where our approach could not be adapted to suit the standard solution.
Sean Faulkner
Sales Director
Kersten UK Ltd