Co-creating a community to solve complex problems at scale for vulnerable communities

Did you know that in 2020 alone - 3.8 Million people migrated in India due to impact of climate change, environmental disasters. And its difficult to forget how in April 2020 during covid lockdown, around 11.4 Million distressed migrant workers, stranded without jobs, savings, shelter, food, transport, began long treks back home with their families.

In this talk, I will talk about how started with 25 Volunteers across India to coordinate help for around 1,200 migrant workers in distress during lockdown time. 

And how T4GLabs is leveraging ERPNext to create a digital infrastructure for NGOs, concerned citizens located across India to collaborate and work together to help vulnerable communities. 

The session will also touch upon how ERPNext and Frappe are being used by some NGOs to become more efficient in their day to day operations, discoverability adn fundraising. 

If you are a ERPNext, Frappe Partner/Developer, the talk will cover how T4G Labs can help you connect with capacity builting, projects, funding and other support to create truly world class products that can serve vulnerable communities. 

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Shemeer Babu