Building world-class web applications using Frappe and React

In this talk, I want to show how Frappe can be used to speed up application development with a React frontend.

I will be covering the following topics:

  1. How to use React with Frappe
  2. How to use the "frappe-js-sdk" library (an npm package that I wrote to interface with Frappe) with React
  3. How to use advanced features in Frappe like realtime event listeners (with with your React frontend.
  4. How to use custom hooks with React to interface with your Frappe backend seamlessly and reduce development time.
  5. How Frappe doubles up as both a super no-code tool as well as a highly customisable modular framework.

This talk is intended to help people who want to get started with Frappe, but find the frontend development process complicated - something which we found while developing a project management system for a World Bank project. We then switched our frontend application to React and found that Frappe solves most problems out of the box - without us ever having to build an admin panel or setting up complicated infrastructure (we use Frappe Cloud) - and it does this way better than other tools like Firebase and Supabase.

Nikhil Kothari
My Asset Buddy