Learnings, pro-tips and reasons to choose ERPNext over Odoo

I have done most of the customization around Inventory, Human Resource and Payroll Modules and build hundreds of apps for my customers across the world.

My presentation will mostly be focused to developers, but will also be useful to non-developers who are on the fence regarding ERPNext customization, and need a push to jump on board.


My motivation for this talk is the myriad of questions I received from companies who are using ERPNext or are curious about it. So much comparison between ERPNext and Odoo, and my winning point for ERPNext every time, having worked with Odoo too, is the simplicity at which you can customize ERPNext.


Many people are also doing customizations wrongly across the world. A talk will shed light on the topic and clear doubts that companies are starting to have as a result of poorly done customizations.

Geoffrey Karani
Upeosoft Limited