ERPNext : A story of 18 implementations in a month


To motivate and inspire people with an ERPNEXT story in Saudi Arabia


When ksa e-invoicing became compulsory and erpnext got approved from saudi govt, how at our saudi office we ended up implementing 15 ERPNext instances in one month without writing a single line of code, using frappecloud. We had made an erpnext instance which focused only as an Invoicing saas software, which was very simple an easy to use and disabled all other modules, and used frappecloud to replicate for every new customer.


Will cover

  1. How we pitched at right time
  2. Google ads helped
  3. How we sold a simple e-invoicing software as hosted saas and later, upsell more module. implementations
  4. How we did it fast using frappecloud
  5. How erpnext did better that others, like low cost zoho and local products
  6. Initally we tried to white label but the power of name erpnext
  7. Why the word open source added value
  8. ERPnext meant our software was not going to have small shelf life
  9. Why oil and gas companies preferred us.

About speaker

I am an open source only guy working as CTO at my company of last 15 years. Erpnext was something we tried and failed multiple times until now we have a full fledge division.

Hamzah Mauzam Ali