Using frappe for a hunger crisis cause

When we decided to volunteer for building a system to track the contributions made by volunteers and gamify the system for them, our first thought in mind was using frappe framework where most things are available out of the box with a customization option for everything.

Robinhood army is an NGO for whom we built a system where robins(thats what they call their volunteers) can lodge checkin everytime they volunteer, leaderboards across states & countries, badges, certificates. This is an NGO which serves food to millions of people across countries in their attempt to solve hunger problems

Given frappe framework's excellent support for custom webpages, webforms & templates, a social login flow in place, event hooks and a desk view which has lowest learning curve to a non techie made it easier to handover the project to the Robinhood army team after we have successfully built the project.

The system that we built can also be used for similar NGOs which needs tracking and need a way to motivate it's volunteers. Which is why we have open sourced this project under fossunited on github.

Frappe team is also due for its credit since they were kind enough to provide cloud hosting for this project at free of cost. This gave me a chance to work with frappe cloud which had its pros and cons

Ponnuru Nikhil Kumar
Software developer