Using ERPNext+Frappe for non-ERP Solutions

Frappe+ERPNext is an amazing combination which is quite versatile. In our last 1 year of experimenting with it, we have attempted a few prototype implementations which are unconventional of a typical ERP (which is what ERPNext is best for). This talk is to show how versatile this combination of Frappe as framework and ERPNext as transactional flow can be for fast prototyping.

-> Traceability: An experiment in which we graphically represent the trace of a item-batch (serial no to be developed) from its purchase to its sale. This can help in Quality Engineering as well as three-party-match view.

-> Data Engineering: ERPNext has its own Analytics reports for modules like Selling/Buying etc. This report is primarily based on historic data and its past trends. What it cannot show is quantifiable or actionable values like Top 10, Bottom 10. Further, historic data can be modelled to get predictions of Sales and Inventory in near and far future with certain degree of confidence. This prototype creates a historic + Predictive view, with prescriptions (like insights) coming soon.

-> B2B Catalogues and Ordering System: Small and medium sized businesses today rely on digital catalogues like Whatsapp or Other new age startups like Dukaan. What we can do with ERPNext is convert its Item Master into a Mobile Application which can help a Customer's Customer get a catalogue of items - with ability to have pricing matrix and quotations for B2B business. We create a solution on Flutter to link back to ERPNext Item Master with minimal configuration.

-> Geo Surveys: For a small construction company, we created a prototype for capturing their survey on Maps and then reports based on progress of the work. All of it was purely done using the Geolocation field and the GeoJSON format.

-> Supply Chain Integration/API Management Engine: For an organization, converting Sales into appropriate Purchase such that inventory utilization are high is a manual challenge. More so for organization running multiple ERPs (ERPNext or non-ERPNext). We created a bridge using ERPNext in various functions to coordinate movement of documents from one to another ERP - where documents can be Sales/Purchase/Inventory/Shipments/Complaints etc.

-> Price Discovery: Key challenge for many D2C Manufacturing companies is arrive at a price for a product for quick estimations. BoM can definitely help, but not in cases where the price is actually a configuration of core raw materials and packaging which can is customized. This single form helps a customer use their BoM data to mix-and-match their Items and BoMs and their configured pricing (or costs) so as to arrive at a price. Thereafter, allowing the user to convert it into a quotation.

Shreyansh Jain
Product Architect
Ambibuzz Technologies LLP