Improving the Bank Syncing experience in ERPNext

This talk takes the audience through the various enhancements done at various steps of the Bank Reconciliation process.

  1. A brief introduction to Bank Reconciliation and its importance
  2. Stages of the Reconciliation Process

  a. Syncing/Fetching Transactions

  b. Organising/Labelling Transactions

  c. Improving the Bank Reconciliation Tool experience

  1. Syncing/Fetching Transactions: Introduction to ALYF Banking
  2. ALYF Banking: Overview of the App structure (Admin and Client App), Features Overview [Apps are closed source for now as they utilize a paid service that needs customer signups. We plan to open source in due time.]
  3. Organising/Labelling Transactions: Party Auto-Matching [available from v14+ in ERPNext]
  4. Party Auto-Matching: Explanation of Algorithm
  5. Improving the Bank Reconciliation Tool experience: Visual of new Bank Reco UI [under review, will be available from v15 in ERPNext ]
  6. New Bank Reco UI: Show and Tell (Two Pane approach, multiple tabs, summary updates on selecting vouchers to reconcile, Reason why match occurred, One step reconciliation, Better matching with more parameters considered)
Marica D'souza
Software Developer