Process Manufacturing Case Study: How we used ERPNext to democratise system usage and decision making

After 3 failed attempts at implementing an ERP at Shree Polymers, we seem to have finally got it going with ERPNext. The journey has been a slow one, but now we have achieved

  1. Control over Stock Levels & Movement
  2. Granular Batch Traceability
  3. Quality Management in line with IATF 16949 standards

These are apart from many other benefits such as easy transition to eInvoicing, Payroll Processing, Subcontractor Management, Purchase Processing, etc.

We are a Tier-2 OEM supplier with products servicing the needs of companies such as Toyota, Suzuki, GM, FORD, TESLA, Hyundai, and Kia to name a few. Being a process industry with 10-12 stages of production makes digitisation and quantification of stock even more challenging.

The key features of ERPNext that helped us be successful were its ease of use, agility in changes and configuration, Frappe Cloud, and overall philosophy of the company that gave us the confidence that this would be the product that we could bet on in the long term.

The session will give a view of actual system usage in the shopfloor, key challenges faced, and how other manufacturing organisations can potentially adopt our approach and benefit.

Ganesh Raghupathy
Managing Partner
Shree Polymer Products