AuMMS - Aurum Manufacturing Management System

The gold ornaments industry holds significant cultural, economic, and artistic value, making it an integral part of various societies across the globe. However, managing the intricate processes involved in gold manufacturing, sales, and purchase poses substantial challenges to businesses operating in this sector. The volatility of gold prices, combined with the lack of integrated software solutions, complicates the task of maintaining accurate stock values and ensuring legal compliance.

AuMMS (Aurum Manufacturing Management Software), a cutting-edge ERP solution designed specifically to cater to the requirements of the gold ornaments industry. AuMMS aims to bridge the gaps left by existing software solutions by providing a unified platform that facilitates seamless coordination between manufacturing, sales, and purchase processes.The key features of AuMMS include a metal ledger to track gold transactions, purity-to-purity conversion for precise accounting, and a role-based user permission system to ensure data security and access control. Additionally, the software enables businesses to calculate making charges in cash or gold, streamlining financial transactions within the industry.With AuMMS, gold manufacturers and sellers can now experience a streamlined and efficient workflow, eliminating the need for multiple software applications. This software offers comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by the gold industry, leading to enhanced productivity, accurate accounting, and better decision-making capabilities. By embracing AuMMS, businesses can embark on a journey of growth and success in the dynamic world of gold ornaments manufacturing and sales.

Sherin KR
Project Manager
efeone Pvt. Ltd.
Muhammad MP
efeone Pvt. Ltd.